Photo: Antti Ahonen
Photo: Joona Mäkelä
Photo: Antti Ahonen
Photo: Antti Ahonen
Photo: Antti Ahonen
Photo: Joona Mäkelä

the form of the wave. I enter the space where the air enters my body for the first time, the place where I get separated from the body that has covered my body. this is the space where I learn to read. the wave bearing energy, the pulse.

installation inside the institution, performative gesture inside the installation

minerva juolahti & johannes juolahti

speakers without frame or cone vibrating on surfaces for creating sound, ultrasonic speaker, speakers with a frame and a cone spreading sound in the air, cubes made out of wooden lath and metal parts, cube made out of wooden lath, sound, bodies, mirrors, video, fluorescent lamps, paper

kätilöopisto / sofianlehdonkatu 5 / helsinki

1.6.2022 at 19:00
2.6.2022 at 19:00
3.6.2022 at 19:00
5.6.2022 at 15:00

audience discussion after 2.6. performance / taking part in the discussion architect and phd researcher helmi kajaste and independent artist and professor at the estonian academy of arts (EKA) john grzinich.

the piece is the artistic part of minerva juolahti’s masters’ thesis, master’s programme in live art and performance studies (LAPS)