island soundscape

We want to bring the sounds of the Kuninkaansaari island to the places which they rarely reach, to create new connections of care and cohabitation. What could the island soundscape share with us? The islands, the sea, the land, the other-than-human beings, the human inhabitants – an entanglement of living sounds.

The “island soundscape” made a journey together with Fjolla Hoxha, Tea Andreoletti and Minerva Juolahti in metro stations between the stations Kalasamata and Helsingin yliopisto in Helsinki on September 15th, 2020 as part of Lapsody: Paramatter festival September 15th–19th, 2020.

released October 5, 2020
recording / editing / performing: Minerva Juolahti, Fjolla Hoxha, Tea Andreoletti
conceptualisation: LAPS / Minerva Juolahti, Fjolla Hoxha, Tea Andreoletti, Dasha Che, Suvi Tuominen

Photo: Antti Ahonen