remembering by translating

How to translate distance, how to translate a movement. Remembering by translating in four parts: sound, line, word, motion. The piece examines remembering as a corporeal translation, a transition between points in space.

The performance takes place on a boat, it starts when the boat leaves the harbour and ends when the boat reaches the center. The movements translated:
60°08’26.0”N 25°00’25.5”E – 60°10’02.3”N 24°57’12.0”E
60°18’53.2”N 24°50’51.3”E – 60°18’09.9”N 24°57’17.2”E
60°13’32.3”N 25°01’24.7”E – 60°13’25.2”N 25°01’19.8”E


The performance was part of Lapsody: Paramatter performance art festival on September 15th – 19th, 2020.