sea wind bell

Sea wind bell is an installation of sound and silence. The sculpure is constructed out of used metal cans that used to contain food. The cans are attached to each other with metal band and screws. The work interacts with wind to make sound.

Wind is out of our reach, we can’t control when and why the wind moves or when the bell makes a sound or if it makes sounds at all. The act of listening to the bell is a way to reach happiness, to surrender to the fact that there are things out of our control. There are sounds that are created without our immediate action, without commercial purpose, without a demand to be productive or effective, without an attemt to be a part of this illusion of the man-made cultural constructions of meaning by which we live every day.

The piece was part of the Fascination for Biodiversity environmental art exhibition in Kivinokka in summer 2016.

Photo: Minerva Juolahti